Return and Refund Policy

Customers can return the product within 14 days from the purchase date and seek refund subject to the terms and conditions of this Policy. The product(s) must be returned in the original condition, with original undamaged box and/or packaging and with all tags attached. Customers should contact ITC Store via email before requesting refunds through ITC Store online system, and send their returned products directly to the Designer. Designer is responsible to inform ITC Store and Kickstarter Fashion Consultancy Limited of the receipt of returned goods and to refund the customer. [Note 2: is it true that Kickstarter will hold the price until expiry of the refund period. You may wish to work out step by step from order receipt until refund is made to see if the process is complete.]

Customer may need to bear the shipping costs, foreign exchange fluctuations (if any) and the surcharge, fees or other charges by the credit/ debit card issuer for the refund except in the following circumstances:

  • There is a discrepancy between a received product and what was stated in the original order (including but not limited to product size, model, style, color, and quantity).
  • The product delivered is defective (including but not limited to poor quality and products damaged in transit).
  • The product delivered is not as described (including but not limited to product use and features).

All successfully returned items will be credited to the original payment method. However, payment made using coupons cannot be refunded. Any dispute with the Customer on returned product and refund shall be made against the Designer. Neither ITC Store nor Kickstarter Fashion Consultancy Limited shall be responsible to the Customer for product return and refund.


This Policy may be amended by ITC Store from time to time and shall be effective from the date of such amendments.